Ether Wars

Goblins: The Shadow Consortium

In the ancient and mystical realm of Etheria, three factions have been locked in a never-ending struggle for supremacy for millennia. The resilient Humans, the cunning Goblins, and the mighty Trolls all strive to claim the prestigious title of Ether Wars champion, with the victor securing not just honor but also the spoils and blessings that come with it.
The Aetherian Alliance, representing the Human faction, and the Rokthar Dominion, representing the Troll faction, have long been known for their unity and raw strength, respectively. However, the Goblin faction, known as the Shadow Consortium, is a force to be reckoned with due to their cunning, intelligence, and mastery of deception.
The Shadow Consortium is led by the enigmatic and shrewd Master Mok’zhar, whose cunning strategies and exceptional adaptability have led the Goblins to numerous victories in the Ether Wars. He is a figure of admiration and respect for the Goblins, inspiring them to push the boundaries of their intellect and resourcefulness, ensuring their place in the ever-evolving landscape of Etherian warfare.
In accordance with Etherian tradition, the Etherian Grand Council selects 3,333 warriors from each faction to participate in the epic conflict known as the Ether Wars annually. This sacred contest is held in the legendary Arena of Aeternum and has become an integral part of Etherian culture and history. The warriors chosen to compete are regarded as the finest of their race, and the faction that claims victory receives blessings and spoils for their people.
For the Shadow Consortium, the Ether Wars are an opportunity to showcase their wit and resourcefulness. The Goblins fight not only for the honor and glory of their race but also for the future generations of Goblins, who will inherit the legacies they create in the Arena of Aeternum. Their cunning and adaptability make them formidable foes, striking terror into the hearts of their enemies.
The Goblin faction boasts a rich history of legendary warriors, such as the elusive assassins who have stealthily eliminated key figures among the Humans and the ingenious engineers who have crafted devastating weapons to counter the sheer might of the Trolls. While they may not possess the unity or raw strength of their adversaries, the Goblins have an unparalleled affinity for magic and technology, allowing them to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses and turn the tide of battle in their favor.
As the Ether Wars continue, Master Mok’zhar and the Shadow Consortium stand vigilant, prepared to fight for their people and their future. With each confrontation in the Arena of Aeternum, they honor the trailblazers who have come before them and forge a path for the champions yet to come. In the face of adversity, the Goblins of Etheria will prove that their cunning, intelligence, and resourcefulness can triumph over even the most united and powerful foes.