Ether Wars


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is Colosseum of Ether?
Colosseum of Ether is an electrifying game where players wield wagered ETH as gladiators and engage in high-stakes, 1-on-1 duels. Mastering the art of war and strategy can help you rise through the ranks and claim the title of War King.
2. How does the game work? How does the game function?
Participants step into the arena and engage in verifiably fair battles, vying to emerge victorious and seize their opponents' ETH. The greater the difference in wagered ETH over your adversary, the higher your probability of success. Victors secure their rivals' ETH stakes, subject to a 5% platform fee. Ether Wars masterfully blends strategy and luck, offering even the underdogs an opportunity to triumph.
3. What are the main features of the roadmap?
Key features include a reward-fueled main net launch, comprehensive security audit, premier NFT collection release through "spin to win", elite VIP status ranks, $WAR token launch, Ether Wars V2 expansion with new engaging mini-games, and a visual revolution with immersive 3D graphics and cinematic scenes.
4. What is the $WAR token supply and allocation?
The $WAR token is deflationary and has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens, allocated for community incentives, team development, public round, advisors and incubation, private round investors, and partnership outreach and marketing.
5. How can I earn rewards in Ether Wars?
Rewards can be earned through "Spin to Win" care packages containing $esWAR tokens, NFTs, and a chance to claim the ultra-rare 1/1 Giga Chad King NFT. You can also stake your tokens in the Colosseum to earn platform fees in $ETH and additional $esWAR rewards.
6. How do I participate in Ether Wars?
To participate, connect your dApp wallet to the Arbitrum network, fuel up with ETH, enter the arena and engage in strategic combat, play the "Spin to Win" mini-game, withdraw from battle and claim your rewards after a 24-hour countdown.
7. Can I exit the game at any time?
Yes, you can exit the game by clicking the "Exit Arena" button, which starts a 24-hour countdown. However, during this period, random attacks may still occur. After 24 hours, you can claim your ETH rewards and exit the arena.
8. How do I become the War King?
To become the War King, you need to amass the most ETH in the arena and emerge victorious. Ether Wars rewards players on the leaderboard with ETH, NFTs, and $esWAR tokens.
9. Is Ether Wars fair and transparent?
Yes, Ether Wars uses blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions. The game's probability algorithms are publicly available for review, and each battle is based on provably fair probabilities.
10. What rewards can I win in the "Spin to Win" care packages?
Rewards include $esWAR tokens, exclusive NFTs, and the ultra-rare 1/1 Chad NFT.
11. How can I claim the NFTs hidden within care packages?
Win battles and "Spin to Win" care packages to claim NFTs. NFTs provide enhanced multipliers and unlock exciting features in the game. Choose your allegiance among the Goblin, Troll, or Human factions, which will be impacted by future Ether Wars updates.
12. How is the 5% fee in the Ether Wars Arena distributed?
The 5% fee is distributed as follows: 0.5% for strategic buyback & burn making $WAR a deflationary token, 1.5% for liquidity pool rewards, and 3% for Ether Wars team support. This fee structure supports the game's ecosystem and incentivizes user participation