Ether Wars

Players Step By Step Guide

Embark on an exciting journey in the Ether Wars arena with this enhanced step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Connect to the Battlefront
Link your preferred dApp wallet, such as MetaMask or Rabby, to the Arbitrum network and gear up for action.
Step 2: Fuel Up
Ensure you have ETH in your wallet, as it serves as both the in-game currency and gas on the Arbitrum network.
Step 3: Engage in Strategic Combat
Enter the arena and prepare for thrilling battles against other players. Each attack is random, so stay vigilant! Strike first to gain a 4% multiplier on your winning odds. Victors claim their opponents' ETH wagers, minus a modest 5% platform fee.
Step 4: Spin to Win
Celebrate every victory by playing the free "Spin to Win" mini-game for every 100 points earned. Accumulate valuable care packages, including $esWAR tokens, NFTs, and a chance to seize the ultra-rare 1/1 Giga Chad King NFT.
Step 5: Withdraw from Battle and Reap the Rewards
When you're ready to depart from the arena, click the exit button to initiate a 24-hour countdown. During this period, random attacks may still occur. Winning adds ETH to your withdrawal balance, while losing sends your ETH to the triumphant opponent.
Step 6: Claim Your Treasure
After 24 hours, return to the game and retrieve your ETH with a single click. The spoils are safely transferred to your MetaMask wallet.
That's all it takes! Master the Ether Wars arena and start amassing ETH today. Don't hesitate – enter the fray and showcase your prowess now!