Ether Wars


$WAR Supply:

$WAR has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens and is deflationary in nature.
  • 52,000,000 $WAR are allocated to community incentives for liquidity staking rewards, rewards in the form of care packages, leaderboard rewards, and competitions for playing Ether Wars.
  • 15,000,000 $WAR are allocated to team for further development [6 month cliff and 18 month linear vesting]
  • 10,000,000 $WAR are allocated to Ether War's Public round [unlocked]
  • 7,000,000 $WAR are allocated to advisors and incubation [6 month cliff and 18 month linear vesting]
  • 8,000,000 $WAR are allocated to private round investors [3 month cliff and 12 month linear vesting]
  • 5,000,000 $WAR are allocated to partnership outreach and marketing
  • 3,000,000 $WAR are allocated to initial team POL to be paired with a portion of the public sale raised ETH
You can win care packages that containing $esWAR through "Spin To Win", and battling in the Ether Wars Arena.
Elevate your $WAR experience by pairing it with ETH in the WAR-ETH liquidity pool.
Stake your tokens in the Colosseum to earn a generous share of platform fees paid in $ETH, as well as additional $esWAR rewards.
Enhance your Ether Wars journey by tapping into this powerful combination and reaping the benefits today!


Introducing $esWAR, the exclusive reward token found in care packages and various in-game prizes. By staking $esWAR for six months, you can unlock it linearly for $WAR.
However, the more you engage with the Ether Wars ecosystem, the quicker your staked $esWAR transforms into $WAR! Play more and unlock your $esWAR into $WAR faster!


Boost Your Portfolio with the WAR-ETH Liquidity Pool- Earn Real Yield ETH and Bonus $esWAR Yield

Unleash the power of decentralized finance and maximize your earning potential with the WAR-ETH Liquidity Pool (LP). By participating in this cutting-edge opportunity, you can contribute to the WAR-ETH LP and earn rewards in real yield ETH and bonus $esWAR tokens.
As a liquidity provider, you'll be playing a pivotal role in maintaining market stability and facilitating seamless token swaps for users of the WAR-ETH trading pair. In return for your valuable contribution, you'll receive a share of the protocol revenue paid in real yield ETH, providing you with a steady stream of passive income.
But that's not all! By participating in the WAR-ETH LP, you'll also earn bonus $esWAR yield. $esWAR vests over 6 months and turns into WAR, it can also be unlocked faster by participating in the Ether Wars ecosystem.