Ether Wars

$WAR Public Sale and TGE

GMD Launchpad

$WAR Public Round Sale on GMD Launchpad:

🍀Date: Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 🍀Time: 4:00 PM UTC 🍀Offerings: 10,000,000 $WAR at $0.08/Token 🍀Vesting: No vesting

Place: GMD Launchpad

Ether Wars has designated 10,000,000 $WAR tokens for the Public Round, beginning on the 3rd of June.
These tokens are fully unlocked at the point of sale.
The Ether Wars team will utilize 30% of the ETH raised from the public sale to seed the WAR-ETH UniSwap V3 concentrated liquidity pool described on our Tokenomics page.
10% of the ETH raised from the public sale will be used to seed the WAR-ETH Chronos Exchange liquidity pool.
The rest will be used for further developement of the Ether Wars ecosystem and added to the teams runway.
Shortly after the public sale, liquidity will be introduced for the WAR-ETH trading pair, and the Ether Wars arena will be open for exhilarating gameplay! Don't hesitate – grab this rare chance to join the Ether Wars universe and embark on an epic gaming journey.
Learn more about the sale and the GMD Launchpad partnership here: