Ether Wars

WAR-ETH LP Farming

Pair Your $WAR with $ETH
The first step in this rewarding journey is to pair your $WAR with $ETH, creating a WAR-ETH Liquidity Provider (LP) token. This process is integral as it provides essential liquidity to the Ether Wars ecosystem. By becoming an LP, you are not only contributing to the health and vibrancy of the $WAR market but also opening up a world of earning potential!
Choose Your Staking Platform
Once you have your WAR-ETH LP tokens, you are now able to earn staking rewards, and the exciting part is, you get to choose the platform that best suits your needs!
Option A: Stake on Chronos: By choosing to stake your ETH-WAR LP on Chronos, you will receive CHR emissions from our partner protocol, Chronos Exchange. This is an excellent choice for those interested in diversifying their portfolio with CHR tokens.
Option B: Join the GND Protocol For those who want to explore concentrated liquidity pools, our partner protocol, GND Protocol, presents a fantastic opportunity. By joining their pool, you can earn xGND and GND tokens, enhancing your DeFi earnings and exposure.
Option C: Stake on Ether Wars Finally, for the true $WAR enthusiasts, you can stake your WAR-ETH LP directly on the official Ether Wars website. Here, you'll earn $veWAR and $ETH protocol fee rewards, directly benefiting from the growth and success of Ether Wars.
Embrace the Power of Choice
The beauty of this process lies in the choices available to you. Whether you stake on Chronos, join the GND Protocol, or stake on Ether Wars, each path offers unique rewards and experiences. Remember, the world of DeFi is at your fingertips, and the choice is entirely yours!