Ether Wars

Care Packages

Spin to Win: Unleash the Power of Exclusive Care Packages
Discover the excitement of "Spin to Win" and seize the opportunity to acquire exclusive care packages overflowing with $esWAR tokens, NFTs, and other enigmatic rewards. By increasing your wagered amount and total ETH winnings, you can enhance your chances of obtaining higher-quality chests. The more you wager and win in ETH, the greater the possibility of unlocking multiple chests. Chests are ranked by rarity, with each level offering increased value and better chances of receiving in-game NFTs:
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Chests with higher rarity not only contain a greater number of $esWAR tokens, but also offer an elevated probability of discovering sought-after in-game NFTs. These NFTs serve as an essential element for powering up your character in the Ether Wars arena games.
Included in these care packages is an impressive collection of in-game NFTs, specifically designed to enhance your character's abilities in the Ether Wars arena games. The integration of these NFTs into your gameplay strategy will provide a significant advantage in the competitive landscape.
As Ether Wars V2 prepares for its grand unveiling, featuring an expanded selection of games and enhanced gameplay, the first epoch of care packages will become available for opening. Once the reveal takes place, subsequent rounds of care packages will be open for discovery on a weekly basis.
Remember to stay vigilant and claim your rewards promptly, as unclaimed care packages left dormant for over 30 days will be reintegrated into the community rewards pool and redistributed among engaged community members. Participate in the "Spin to Win" experience and make the most of the valuable rewards offered, propelling your Ether Wars gaming experience to new heights.