Ether Wars


Step into the mesmerizing realm of Ether Wars, where an impressive collection of 10,000 NFTs are ready to be unveiled over time.
These NFTs are distributed in the following manner:
  1. 1.
    6,000 NFTs can be acquired through purchase with $WAR, with all collected $WAR destined for burning to support the ecosystem and complementing $WARs deflationary mechanism.
  2. 2.
    2,000 NFTs are available as initial care package rewards, enticing players to delve into the Ether Wars universe.
  3. 3.
    2,000 NFTs will be minted to the Ether Wars treasury, earmarked for distribution in future care packages, competitions, and other community-driven events.
As you achieve victory in battle, grasp the opportunity to "Spin To Win" these care packages, overflowing with $esWAR, NFTs, and the rare opportunity to secure the highly sought-after 1/1 Giga Chad King NFT. These NFTs not only amplify your chances of triumph in the arena with enhanced multipliers but also unlock a plethora of engaging features to enrich your gaming experience.
Immerse yourself in the Ether Wars universe by pledging your allegiance to one of three formidable factions: Goblin, Troll, or Human. Each faction boasts 3,333 NFTs, with your choice playing a crucial role in shaping future Ether Wars updates and the ecosystem as a whole.
Embark on a thrilling journey, conquer the arena, claim your NFT rewards, and ascend the ranks of the mighty Goblin, Troll, or Human factions. Forge the future of Ether Wars and leave an everlasting impact on its continually evolving narrative!
TLDR: 2,000 NFTs are available for initial care package rewards. 2000 NFTs will be minted to the Ether Wars treasury to be given away to the community in future care packages, competitions, and other community events. 6,000 NFTs are available for purchase with $WAR and all $WAR collected will be burned.