Ether Wars

Spin To Win

After each battle in the arena, users will earn points based on the outcome of the battle.
If the user wins the battle, they will earn 5 points.
If they lose the battle, they will earn 3 points.
With every 100 points, you earn the chance to spin and win one of four magnificent chests: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. Each chest holds increasing amounts of $esWAR tokens and higher chances of winning exclusive rewards:
  • $esWAR tokens
  • Exclusive NFTs
  • The ultra-rare 1/1 Chad NFT
Embrace the excitement and anticipation as you unlock your hard-earned spoils from the Ether Wars battlegrounds, all while showcasing your prowess in the arena. With each win, you'll be one step closer to earning your chance to spin and win big. Keep battling, keep earning, and keep climbing the ranks of the Ether Wars arena!